End of Year Awards & Class Certificates 2011

Registered Obedience Dog of the Year


No nominations received



Associate Obedience Dog of the Year


Tootsie Brown CCD (Tootsie)
Margaret Brown



Agility/Jumping/Games Dog of the Year


Monlaird Star of Avalon CCD JDX (Star)
Trish Gavaghan
Border Collie



NADAC Dog of the Year


Carole Sparks
Border Collie



25 Years Continuous Membership


Kath Devlin
Cheryl Young
David Blackwell

Titles for 2011


Community Companion Dog


Margaret Brown Tootsie Brown (Tootsie) Associate


Helen Pownall Ch Kylain Chase A Hurricane ET (Chase) GSD



Companion Dog


Raelene Hartney Silverblue Share A Dream (Millie) Cocker Spaniel (Eng)



Agility Dog


Glenys Murray Lizziwell Regal Princess (Remy) CKCS



Jumping Dog


Carole Sparks Cando Calypsostar (Lacey) Associate



Jumping Dog Excellent


Trish Gavaghan Monlaird Star Of Avalon CCD JD (Star) Border Collie



Tracking Dog


Jo Hamilton Fernamber Lazarus (Ashton) Golden Retriever


Leonie Kelleher Brynfield Branko (Branko) English Springer Spaniel



Herding Title


Tina Button Monlaird Bound for Glory (Skaife) Border Collie


Tina Button Agile Falsom Prison Blues (Carter) Border Collie



Herding Pre Trial


Tina Button Cedarlodge Bonnie Lass CD HT (Nahla) Border Collie


Tina Button Monlaird Gracia Divino HT (Taylah) Border Collie