General Meeting Minutes 1st December 2009

Meeting opened 8pm

Apologies: S Hellebrand, T Rain, K Ciezarek, A Shackleton, L Blackwell, J Hamilton, H Read
Accepted: B Elliott seconded: L Wills

Minutes from the previous General Meeting as distributed in the Newsletter taken as read.
Accepted:C Humphreys Seconded: L Wills

Business Arising from Minutes

  1. B Elliott asked why the Treasurer’s Report was not in the Newsletter. H Cook said the Newsletter Editor apologised for not collecting it and it would be in future Newsletters. Copies were available for Members tonight.

  2. M Elliott queried about a comment in the Newsletter that was in the Minutes. She said she didn’t bring the topic up Lisa Blackwell did. Minutes to be amended.

Correspondence Out:

Correspondence In:

  1. Annual License Renewal Fees, John Shields, E Longshaw

Business Arising from Correspondence

  1. Annual License Renewal Fees – S Malady said that you can obtain a License for functions . T Button said we can ring and provide dates to obtain a price. Committee to look into.

  2. John Shields resignation – B Elliott said there was a need for better communication between Instructors and Committee. B Elliott moved that the resignation of J Shields be accepted with regret. Seconded: L Wills

Treasurer’s Report

Business Arising from Treasurers Report: H Cook read the Treasurer’s Report. Report attached to the Minutes Book. Questions were asked about the Dogs Victoria Fees and payment of the Free run area. Both questions were answered by the Treasurer

Treasurer’s Report accepted: B Elliott Seconded: S Malady

Other Reports

Canteen Manager – Written report attached to the Minutes Book

Hall Manager - Nil

Grounds Manager – Written report attached to the Minutes Book

Publicity Officer – Written report attached to the Minutes Book

Shop Manager - Nil

Training Supervisor – Written report attached to the Minutes Book

Trial Secretary – Written report attached to the Minutes Book

Sub-Committee Reports

Instructor’s Meeting – 16th November 2009

Yvonne Ross (aspiring Judge) will be testing Graduate at the next Promotion Day. Discussion was also held regarding the changes to the Class structure. Instructors were asked for any comments by the 13th December

Reports accepted: L Wills Seconded: T Gavaghan

General Business

T Button raised discussion regarding the 3 year vaccination, which will be available in the new year. She asked Members to consider what the definition of “fully vaccinated” would mean when answering Club inquiries for new Members. After a lengthy discussion it was suggested that an article be run in the Newsletter explaining the various vaccinations. T Button moved that the C5 Vaccination be the minimum requirement for joining the Club and for renewing Membership.

Seconded: B Elliott Carried by majority

G Douglas said that after reading a letter in the Newsletter it was evident that there was conflict within the Club. He suggested that reconciliation needs to be looked into and issues need to be resolved.

T Button said bookings for the Christmas Dinner could be taken at the Meeting. Discussion followed regarding T Button being reinstated as an Instructor. G Douglas moved that T Button be reinstated as an Instructor.

Seconded: S Malady Carried

B Elliott suggested that items that appear in the Newsletter should be of a positive note. K Millard asked that Members come to Committee if they have a problem. G Douglas and B Elliott suggested that Committee Members should go around the Classes and introduce themselves.

J Convery moved that the two Alcoa seats be placed in the Off lead area against a wall and permanently attached.

Seconded: T Button Carried

Discussion was held regarding moving the Library into the Bar area. No resolution was reached.

Meeting closed 9.30pm