General Meeting Minutes 7th September 2010

Meeting opened 8.05pm

Apologies: T. Button, S.Eldridge, H. Cook, P. Convery, E Longshaw, D. Dickeson
Accepted: J Taylor
Seconded: S. Malady Carried

Minutes from the previous General Meeting as distributed in the Newsletter taken as read.

Accepted: C Humphreys Seconded: L Kelleher Carried.

Business arising from the Minutes:

  1. Police Check for Instructor.

  2. Working with Children.

  3. Tetanus needle.

  4. Thanks to all Instructor throughout the year.

  5. Thanks to all Members for being so patient throughout the flooding interruptions.

Correspondence Out:

  • Ms G Twyford Ground Flooding

  • Correspondence In:

    1. Letter Golden plains parent support group.

    2. Letter Barwon Health Re: Gala Day.

    Business arising from Correspondence

    1. Moved to General Business

      Seconded: K Taylor Carried.

    Treasurer’s Report

    As Attached

    Business Arising from Treasurers Report:

    1. Go Traffic Account

    Treasurer’s Report accepted: M Brown Seconded: S. Malady Carried.

    Other Reports

    Canteen Manager Attached

    Equipment Manager Attached

    Hall Manager A New Vacuum and Cleaning stuff has Been purchased to help with keeping the hall clean

    Grounds Manager Attached

    Publicity Officer None

    Shop Manager Attached

    Reports accepted: K Taylor Seconded: C Humphreys Carried.

    General Business

    Go Traffic Account

    D Gravolin moved ‘that the Patron of the Club be invited to the last training day. Seconded: P Convery Carried

    Fly ball Training

    P Convery/ Thanks for the Card on the loss of her family member

    P Convery going to organise the Jacket behind the bar be cleaned and C Humphreys going to make the frame for it.

    Banner to be looked at by Donna

    Flag to be up the right way

    Meeting closed 8.40pm