General Meeting Minutes 1st June 2010

Meeting opened 8pm

Apologies: S Malady, T Button, K Millard, L Wills, D Dickeson, S Hellebrand, J Hamilton, C Humphreys.
Accepted: K Devlin Seconded: K Taylor Carried.

Minutes from the previous General Meeting as distributed in the Newsletter taken as read.

E Longshaw queried the date stated in the Minutes that Lort Smith had requested. Date to be revised to the last Saturday in November.

Accepted:B Jagtenberg Seconded: J Taylor Carried.

Business arising from the Minutes:

  1. Grant application – Application in progress, irrigation and video equipment were both discussed.

  2. Date for NADAC Trial 2011. Date not available as yet

Correspondence Out:

  • Nil

  • Correspondence In:

    1. Community Facility Funding Program, Disability Family Day

    Business arising from Correspondence

    1. Community Facility Funding Program. Various aspects of the Program were discussed including the veranda extension, but as the Grant closes on the 18th June a decision would need to be made soon.

    2. Disability Family Day. D Gravolin moved “that the Club take part in the Disability Family Day as requested”.

      Seconded: K Taylor Carried.

    Treasurer’s Report

    Report attached to the Minutes Book

    Treasurer’s Report accepted: B Jagtenberg Seconded: J Taylor Carried.

    Other Reports

    Canteen Manager – K Taylor read written report. Report attached to the Minutes Book

    Grounds Manager – V Douglas read written report. Report attached to the Minutes Book

    Shop Manager – A Shackleton read written report. Report attached to the Minutes Book.

    General Business

    V Douglas gave a report on the proposed upgrade of the Agility trailer and after discussion with Lindsay Wong it has been suggested that trolleys may be more suitable as the trailer can no longer be legally towed without the addition of brakes. Members were asked to give the subject some thought and it would be discussed at the next General Meeting when further information regarding trolley costs would be available.

  • J Convery asked if anything was being done regarding a dog which constantly left the Agility ring during training. This subject had been discussed at the previous Instructor’s Meeting where it was proposed that bunting be used around the ring to contain the dog. As yet this had not been done. It was proposed that dogs not enter Agility until they had completed Graduate, but after discussion Members felt that this would drastically affect the numbers in Agility.

  • As there was no further business

  • Meeting closed 8.45pm