General Meeting Minutes 1st February 2011

Meeting opened 8.05pm

Apologies: T. Button, S.Eldridge, H. Cook, P. Convery, E Longshaw, D. Dickeson
Accepted: J Taylor
Seconded: S. Malady Carried

Minutes from the previous General Meeting as distributed in the Newsletter taken as read.

Accepted: C Humphreys Seconded: L Kelleher Carried.

Business arising from the Minutes:

  1. Go Traffic Account Fixed

  2. Patron of the club was rung and declined

  3. Jacket has been dry cleaned off to C. Humphrey’s at the Weekend

Correspondence Out:

  • Nil

  • Correspondence In:

    1. Winchelsea Festival sent a thank you letter and next festival day is 13 November 2011

    2. Hungarian Vizsla Endurance Saturday 28th May 2011

    Treasurer’s Report

    No Report as no computer due to flooding

    Treasurer’s Report accepted:T. GavaghanSeconded: A Shaklenton Carried.

    Other Reports

    Canteen Manager: Attached

    Equipment/Manager: Equipment in reasonable condition considering 3 mowers are lost it looks like

    Hall Manager: Thanks to everyone for their help in cleaning efforts

    Grounds Manager: Attached

    Publicity Officer: Mars fundraiser $3.00 to go ahead with that as soon as possible

    Shop Manager: Minor stock lost due to flood Orders are being lauder

    Raffle Steward: Nil

    Social Secretary: Nil

    Training Supervisor: No meeting as of yet.

    Trial Secretary: Trial is as schedule but has been washed away with the flood

    Due to flood we are in need of new copy of program used for the trial.

    We are still 1 judge short for trial.

    Asking Ballarat Dog Club for use of their agility equipment as we cannot afford to purchase any at this time otherwise we will have to go to VCA for the use of theirs

    Reports accepted: E Longshore Seconded: S. Malady Carried.

    General Business

    Thanks you to all who helped prepare for the flood.

    Thanks for everyone who helped with the clean up from the flood.

    Fridges gone to cool cats to be priced for fixing $480.00 fridge and $180 for the freezer The freezer is to be fixed and just wait to decide about the fridge and R. Hartney said she can get us another fridge on loan for the time being. K. Millard going to follow up on repairs.

    Photo copier and computer- might be covered under a grant looking into this.

    Working with children. check list needs to be in by June 2011 will discuss at the instructors meeting.

    Red cross collection on 19th & 20th March P. Convey and S. Malady going to respond to correspondence.

    New retrieving Ability test restricted to gun dogs, Would like included in the July trail. Special judges are still being train in this field Help would need to be forth coming Would only be novice as it is just new Restricted to gun dogs P. Convey would like a motion: that it be run at our July trail.

    Second D. Gravolin

    J. Shields: Asked about what profit for Dogs Big Day Out. Traffic Management did drop price as the time they were there at the dogs big day out was not as long as they first thought. Back up for the computer.

    Shakleton, about meeting time if could be change to 7.30 instead of 8.00pm.

    Gravolin, raised about the change of venue nit put in the paper. This was answered by due to the late notice of the ground condition it was not possible to place in the paper.

    S.Malady has offered any photo coping that needs to be done if we supply paper her employer‘s are happy for her to do it at work.

    E. Longshore asked if we can get flood insurance. Due to the cost we cannot.

    P.Convey Anyone interested in putting together a demonstration team.

    Shackleton put in motion for the display team be reformed and P. Convey be the team leader.

    Second L. Convey Carried

    J. Sheilds asked what are we cover for in our insurance.

    Meeting closed 8.50pm