General Meeting Minutes 2nd October 2012

Meeting opened 8.05pm

Apologies: Karen Millard
Accepted: K. Devlin
Seconded: L. Kelleher Carried

Minutes from the previous General Meeting as distributed in the Newsletter taken as read.

Accepted: M. Brown Seconded: K. Devlin Carried.

Correspondence Out:

  • Nil

  • Correspondence In:

    1. Melissa Desira

    2. Woofers & Walkers

    3. Werribee Obedience Dog Club

    4. GAWS

    Business arising from the Minutes:

  • Nil

  • Business Arising from Correspondence

    Melissa Desira. Animal Therapist Offering services to the club.

    - To be invited to speak to next meeting.

    - Invited to advertise in news letter

    Woofers & Walkers need speaker at special meeting Saturday 24th November 11am

    - Helen Read to be asked if she is available.

    Werribee Obedience Dog Club

    - Re: Spirit of the West

    - Interested in reigniting inter club comp

    - K Lelleher – low standard of GODC training

    - Incompatible with Werribee levels

    - Not enough competition dogs at GODC

    - P Convery - Invite Werribee to talk

    - R Kearney - Might encourage new participants.

    - Letter to go to Werribee inviting more discussion


    - Looking to re-establish support at X-mas time

    - X-mas donations are appreciated

    - J Hamilton - invite a guest speaker to outline changes at GAWS.

    - Members agreed.

    Seconded: K Taylor Carried

    Treasurers Report: As per AGM

    - $5000.00 to be put back into the V2 Account.

    Business arising from Treasurer’s Report:

    - E Longshaw - Asked why the premium for the insurance was cheaper this year.

    - J Ball - Moved that the account be paid as is and be looked into as to why cheaper.

    Treasurer’s Report accepted: S Eldridge Seconded: L Kelleher Carried.

    Other Reports - As per AGM

    General Business

    M Brown – Written submission re: establish buddy system from Graduate class to assist instructors. Full letter attached.

    - To be taken to Instructors meeting.

    D Gravolin - Assistant trial secretary position proposal needs to go to next AGM.

    P Convery - October Newsletter will be a week late.

    K Taylor - Raelene Hartney to take care of canteen on Sundays. Kathy to continue to keep up the supplies

    Meeting closed 9.30pm