General Meeting Minutes 12th June 2012

Meeting opened 8.00pm

Apologies: F Lehrmann, L Kelleher, L McNamara, P Gavaghan, C Shields, W Ganly
Accepted: K. Devlin
Seconded: V Douglas Carried

Minutes from the previous General Meeting as distributed in the Newsletter taken as read.

Accepted: S Eldridge Seconded: E Longshaw Carried.

Correspondence Out:

  • Nil

  • Correspondence In:

    1. Alcoa

    2. Sita

    3. RASV

    4. C of G G

    5. K9 Health & Grooming

    6. Fundraiser for Geelong Hospital Kid’s Ward

    7. Heather Miller

    8. Ricoh

    9. Training Supervisor

    10. Dogs Victoria

    11. Robyn Youl

    12. Sandy Malady

    13. Sally Hunt

    Business arising from the Minutes:

  • Nil

  • Business Arising from Correspondence

    Alcoa re donation of $250.00. Members agreed that the donation received from Alcoa be used to pay for the replacement of the outside sensor lights.

    Sita bin price increase $44.00 to $48.00

    RASV – Members voted not to donate Sashes to the Royal Melbourne Show this year.

    C of G G. Insurance policy requested by C of G G has been sent

    K 9 Health & Grooming – Members suggested that we offer K9 Health and Grooming advertising in the Newsletter.

    Heather Miller – J Convery moved that we purchase racks for July’s Rally O Trial from Heather Miller.

    Seconded: A Shackleton Carried

    Ricoh – increase in photocopying price

    Training Supervisor changes to Graduate guidelines. Defer to General Business.

    Dogs Victoria – Rally O Trial Trial approval

    Dogs Vic – President and Secretary’s Conference. Attendance may be difficult as Meeting is to be held on a Sunday.

    Robyn Youl – Thank you card

    Sandy Malady –Thank you card

    Sally Hunt – After some discussion Members suggested that we check with the Insurance Company regarding the Insurance coverage.

    Treasurers Report: No Report

    Business arising from Treasurer’s Report:

    - P Convery said that banking had been done and accounts were up to date. Asked that Members give consideration to taking on the Treasurers position as from the 1st July.


    - Canteen Manager: Nothing to report

    - Grounds Manager: V Douglas read written report. Added verbally that the key to the emergency gate on the bridge had been handed to the Club.

    - Hall Manager: Nothing to report

    - Shop Manager: A Shackleton read written report.

    - Social Secretary: Verbal report. Mini Raffle was run at the NADAC Trial and made $40.00.

    - Training Supervisor: J Shields read written report.

    - Trial Secretary: J Convery read written report.

    Sub Committee reports

    - Instructors Meeting: Nil

    Accepted: J Taylor Seconded: D Dickeson Carried.

    General Business

    Discussion was held regarding the changes to the Graduate Certificate. Report attached to the Minutes Book. J Convery moved ‘that we accept the guidelines for the Graduate Class as read at the General Meeting’.

    Seconded: D Dickeson Carried.

    As there was no further business

    Meeting closed 8.40pm