General Meeting Minutes 6th December 2011

Meeting opened 8.00pm

Apologies: K Millard, R Kearney, J Convery, S Malady, E Longshaw
Accepted: K Taylor
Seconded: K Devlin Carried

Minutes from the previous General Meeting as distributed in the Newsletter taken as read.

Accepted: J Taylor Seconded: C Shields Carried.

  1. Nil

Correspondence Out:

  • Nil

  • Correspondence In:

    1. Barwon Health Foundation

    2. Adroit

    3. City of Greater Geelong

    4. Winchelsea Festival

    5. Ricoh Australia

    6. Fred Lehrmann

    7. Hanrob

    Business arising from the Minutes:

  • Fred Lehrmann – Fred Lehrmann’s letter was read and discussed at length. Motion was moved by K Taylor ‘that a letter of apology be written from both Committee and the General Members’.

  • Seconded: C Humphreys Carried.

  • Hanrob Letter was discussed A Shackleton moved ‘that we enter into negotiation re Hanrob sponsorship offer

  • Seconded: L McNamara Motion defeated.

    Treasurer’s Report

    M Brown thanked the Social Secretary Rebecca Kearney for her work with the Wine Drive.

    Business arising from Treasurer’s Report - Nil

    Treasurer’s Report accepted: J Shields Seconded: P Gavaghan Carried.

    Other Reports

    Canteen Manager: Written report attached to Minutes Book

    Grounds Manager: Written report attached to Minutes Book

    Hall Manager: Written report attached to Minutes Book

    Shop Manager: Written report attached to Minutes Book>

    Social Secretary: Written report attached to Minutes Book

    Training Supervisor: Written report attached to Minutes Book

    Trial Secretary: Written report attached to Minutes Book

    Sub Committee Reports

    Instructors Meeting: Last Instructors Meeting was a joint Meeting attended by both Committee and Instructors with discussion about what we hope to achieve at the Club in 2012

    Accepted: C Shields Seconded: J Taylor Carried.

    General Business

    Robyn Youl would like to restart subscription to Front & Finish for the Library. Committee to look into the cost involved.

    Rally O Classes need to be finalised. Decision to be made at the next Instructor’s Meeting and Wendy Ganly to be contact regarding the formula.

    L Kelleher thanked the Members for their help and support since the AGM.

    J Shields asked about possible changes to the time of certain Classes in the new year. Proposed changes are – 9.00am, Puppies, Beginners, Beginners Revision, 10.15am Merit, Merit Revision, 11.30am Graduate and Graduate Revision. J Taylor moved ‘that the Class times as preposed be accepted’.

    Accepted: C Shields Carried.

    Meeting closed 8.55pm